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About Us

Why Choose Us

  • We put your needs first.
  • We use a person-centered approach.
  • We are committed to professionalism and quality.
  • We ensure the continuity of quality care.
  • We are dedicated to helping you live a better quality of life.
  • We help you reach your health and career goals.

Want to Know More About Our Staffing Employees?

  • They are carefully screened and reference-checked to ensure that you receive quality care.
  • They are professional and highly ethical to serve you.
  • They are composed of Registered Nurses, Nursing Assistants, Home Health Aides, Homemakers, and Companions.

We Help You Get the Care and Support You Need

  • We provide thorough and careful assessments to develop personalized care plans for each client.
  • We base our delivery of services on our client's specific needs, preferences, and requests.
  • We follow and implement the rules and regulations as required and recommended by accrediting agencies and governing bodies.

Our Mission and Philosophy

With our experienced and competent staff, we are dedicated to providing professional, quality, person-centered services that result in optimum health outcomes as well as open opportunities and create possibilities for aspiring care professionals to reach their career goals. We strive to be the leader of success both in providing home care and staffing.

As we continuously strive for greater heights in the delivery of our services, it is our main goal to be the prime provider of home care services and be one of the most trusted staffing agencies in Florida.

We care because we want to help the ill, aging, and disabled individuals to live their lives the way they deserve—a better quality of life. Additionally, we also help aspiring care professionals land their dream jobs in the caregiving industry, reach their career goals, and assist individuals, families, and care providers to have the most competent and compatible care professionals for their benefit and convenience.

We are committed to professionalism and quality—that is what our agency is named for and is all about. Through this, we can change lives for the better by serving underserved individuals & communities and giving them compassionate & high-quality care. With us, individuals, families, and care providers are in the right hands.

We render services with compassion, love, integrity, respect, honesty, and trust. We value our clients and their family members as much as we value our own families. This allows us to deliver the highest level of care and support possible that is critical for the success of your business and the effectiveness of the care plans delivered.

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Our Team

Our Advocacy

Apart from providing care service that is focused on improving the quality of lives of the aging and ailing people in the communities, PROFESSIONAL & QUALITY AIDES LLC also sources, screens, and hires medical professionals for a business or to care for an individual. We staff various organizations and businesses with the most competent and compatible professionals.

Home Care Agencies

We know and understand the staffing needs of home care agencies. Hence, we help them recruit candidates to be part of their care team. This will allow them to serve their clients more effectively and proactively.

Health Care Agencies

Delivering skilled services is critical to prevent diseases, infections, and complications. P&Q Aides searches for experienced, reliable, and competent healthcare professionals to help healthcare agencies deliver exceptional medical care.

Adult Residential Care Agencies

Various care and support services are offered in adult residential care agencies. Thus, the need for highly knowledgeable, flexible, and skilled professionals never stops. We provide effective staffing solutions to help them solve their staffing problems.